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Respectful Workplace: Preventing Harassment and Violence

Course by: Danatec Educational Services

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Course Description 

In this course, you will learn how to identify, respond to, and prevent future incidents of workplace bullying, harassment, and violence. This is an essential course for those who work in a public-facing role, or who are in a leadership or safety-sensitive position.
  • reduce incidents of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and workplace violence,
  • foster a culture of inclusion in workplaces, where employees feel not only tolerated, but welcome and respected, 
  • provide awareness-level content that meets employers’ legislated and regulatory requirements for training in respectful workplaces, and
  • provide an understanding of how to identify, report, and control harassing or unsafe behaviours.
  • Distinguish disrespectful behaviour from bullying and harassment Identify the roles of employer and employee in prevention
  • Legislation and workplace policies Identify examples of bullying and harassment 
  • Respond to bullying/harassment as a target or witness 
  • Recognize warning signs of workplace violence 
  • Report violence appropriately Differentiate between diversity and inclusion 
  • Examining our own values and behaviourCase study examples
  • Definitions
  • Elements of a typical violence program
  • Control methods
  • Procedures
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