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General Course FAQs

Can I take your courses if I live in another province/territory/country?

The Basic Security Guard Training course is licensed for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, Canada. If you plan to work as a security guard anywhere else, you will need to take training licensed in your province, territory or country.

When can I start taking the courses?

You can start the training whenever you're ready! As soon as you purchase your course, you’ll have instant access.

How long will it take to complete these courses?

The Basic Security Guard Training course is a mandatory 40-hour course. It will take most students 40 hours, but you learn at your own pace.

Are these courses offered in English only? Are they available in French or any other languages?

Canadian Academy of Guard Training courses are only available in English at this time. In Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta you must be fluent in English to get a licence as a security guard. Taking the course in English will help.

Are these video courses? What format is the training delivered in?

All of the courses we offer are online multimedia courses. That means they include a combination of video, audio and text materials as well as quizzes. You will watch, listen to, and read the course materials.

Do you provide employment services?

No, we are solely a course provider at this time and do not employ security guards. We also do not offer employment counselling or placement services. However, we invite you to explore our Security Job Board and our Resources page for information to assist you in your job search.

Do you offer in-person security guard training?

The security guard training courses we sell here are all online, computer-based courses. To speak to a representative about in-person training, please contact us directly.

Certification and Licensing FAQs

Are these certifications mandatory if I want to become licensed as a security guard?

The Basic Security Guard Training is required. You must take basic training to write the exam and apply for your license as a security guard. Our basic training is licensed in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. If you plan to work as a security guard in one of these provinces, click on your province to learn more about the process of getting licensed.

The other courses we offer are not required to work as a security guard – they are additional qualifications that can help you learn advanced skills, become a more in-demand job candidate, and secure a better job.

If I take these courses, can I start working as a security guard right away?

You will need a security guard licence from your province or territory to start working in the field. Our Basic Security Guard Training course is a prerequisite to getting your license.

Can I apply for a security guard licence if I’m in another country?

Only Canadian provinces and territories can accept applications for a security guard licence. You must apply directly through the Canadian government.

Am I eligible to get a security guard licence?

It depends on where you live and plan to work as a security guard. Each province and territory oversees licensing of security guards and sets the eligibility rules. In general, you must be 18 years of age or older and legally allowed to work in Canada. The English language requirements and rules for anyone with a criminal record vary depending on your province or territory.

What can I do with my certifications?

Your basic security guard training certification shows that you’ve completed the mandatory 40 hours of training required. When you’re certified, you can take the licensing exam in your province.

Our other certifications can be added to your resume and job applications. They show you have advanced qualifications that are highly valuable to many employers.

What credentials do I get for these courses?

Along with a certificate, you'll get a digital badge for each course that you complete. You can collect badges on the Credentials Manager App that comes with these courses. Use the app to track and manage your certifications and share your accomplishments online.

Our other certifications can be added to your resume and job applications. They show you have advanced qualifications that are highly valuable to many employers.

Do you issue paper certificates or badges for these courses?

We exclusively issue digital course completion certificates and badges for our courses. You may wish to print your electronic course completion certificates or badges at home if you prefer a paper copy.

Do you schedule or offer security guard licensing exams?

Security guard licensing exams are administered by the government. You must schedule your exam through your province or territory.