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At Canadian Academy of Guard Training, we’re more than a course provider – we’re passionate about setting you up for success, every step of the way.

Our resources are designed to answer your questions, help you stand out to prospective employers, and help you advance in your career.

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Security Guard Training Interview Guide

Interview Guide

Getting hired isn’t just about being qualified – you also need the skills, knowledge, and confidence to perform well in an interview setting. The Interview Prep eBook will give you the edge you need to come out on top and get hired fast. Written by industry experts with decades of experience, the eBook can save you months of time cycling through interview after interview. Learn how to interview like a pro and land a great job fast.

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Why become a security guard?

A career as a security guard has great prospects – there’s a strong job market for guards, lots of variety, and good pay. But a security career has more to offer than just the basics: it can also be an incredibly rewarding career where you make a real difference for your community.

  • Meaningful work
  • Fast, accessible training
  • Reliable employment
  • Flexible schedules
Learn more about a career as a security guard