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Guard Training

Canadian Academy of Guard Training - Interview Prep eBook

Course by: Canadian Academy of Guard Training

SKU: SEC100500

Price $19.95 CAD $19.95 CAD
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Course Description

The Interview Guide eBook is a one-hour read that will give you the insights, tools and strategies you need to ace your interviews. Go into your next interview confidence and prepared with these new skills. All of the strategies you will learn are based on real-world experience from leaders in the industry, who have been on both sides of the interviewing table.
Topics include: 
  • 2 rules for persuasively selling your skills
  • How to research and prepare for an interview
  • Simple ways to impress from the moment you arrive 
  • Spotting and eliminating interview flaws
  • Proven, scripted responses to even the toughest questions
  • The 10 most common interview questions 
  • How to make interviewers like you — without words
  • Tricks for turning weaknesses into strengths
  • The questions to ask to impress your interviewer
  • Interview Prep Checklist
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