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Saskatchewan Provincial Exam Rules and Guidelines

Please review the following details carefully prior to your exam session:

  1. On the exam day, please launch the eProctor Canada application 30 minutes in advance of your exam time, and their proctors will help you get started! If you come across any difficulty with the exam booking process or accessing the exam on the eProctor Canada site, please contact them directly by email or phone as we do not have access to their system.
  2. Please find a quiet and secure (closed door) room where you will not have any interruption. If there is another person present during your exam, your submission will be forfeited. Water bottles and washroom breaks during the exam are not allowed by eProctor.
  3. Your full face MUST be in frame for the entirety of the exam. Looking down or offscreen will be considered a breach of exam conditions. 
  4. The use of mobile devices (cell phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc.) will NOT be permitted during your exam. 
  5. This is a CLOSED BOOK Exam - you will NOT be permitted to have any notes, papers, pencils/pens and calculators during the exam.
  6. You are NOT permitted to use headphones or earphones during the exam. 
  7. You will be given 60 minutes (1 hour) to write the exam.

Please note that any breach of the above conditions will result in an immediate failure and your exam submission will be forfeited.

Best of luck with your exam!