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Online Security Guard Training

24/7 Access | 100% Computer Based Training | No Classroom Required | Approved Course for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario

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Want to start working in a high-paying, rewarding, flexible security job? And quickly, The Canadian Academy of Guard Training can help!

We offer an approved course for people wanting to become security guards in the following provinces and the agency that approved it:

  1. Alberta - Alberta Justice and Solicitor General
  2. Saskatchewan - Ministry of Corrections and Policing
  3. Manitoba - Manitoba Justice
  4. Ontario - Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

To work as a security guard in those provinces, you must complete a provincially approved course. Our course is approved by those governmental departments to help you get started quickly, in a growing field. 

What does our course offer:

  1. Hosted on a world-class platform making the course easy to start, and easy to finish.
  2. Course access 24/7
  3. Ability to take your course on tablet, desktop or mobile
  4. Access to a growing industry very quickly
  5. Help Booking your exam


Premium Course Features:

Easier to use

Fully online and mobile

Engaging and interactive

Supported 7 days/week by a live Help Desk

Each module is designed to help you pass the security guard exam on your first try, so you can get to work faster.

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Our training doesn’t stop at helping you pass the exam. We want every Canadian Academy of Guard Training graduate to have their choice of the best security jobs available. With basic training and free bonuses, you can be the best applicant for the job.

You’ll get:

  • FREE bonus training on advanced security topics
  • FREE bonus training on soft skills better employers demand
  • FREE interview prep materials
  • Impressive digital certificates on a mobile app

When you know more than other new security guards — and ace the interview —  you’ll be the top candidate. Get qualified to take your pick of jobs!

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Security Guard Certification Better Employers Trust

When you have the Canadian Academy of Guard Training name on your resume, you can stand out from the crowd. That’s because our training is best-in-class, with an 11 year track-record of training excellence.

Display your exclusive digital badge in interviews on our award-winning mobile app. The more qualifications you add, the more certifications you can display.

Train to Get Licensed

Your security guard training credentials in one secure, shareable location.

The Credentials Manager App by LearnerVerified allows you to store and manage your training credentials. The app puts the power in your hands to easily track digital certifications and training history from the Canadian Academy of Guard Training.

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Course Outline

The Basic Security Training program meets the full requirements for licensing education in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

A mandatory 40-hours of training, the course includes:

55 videos

108 text lessons

65 quizzes and chapter tests

Core curriculum:

  • Workplace Safety and Health Act
  • Personal Safety at Work (Provincial)
  • Working Alone Plan
  • Landlords & Tenants - The Law and You
  • Human Rights

Other key topics:

  • The role of a security guard
  • Physical security and crime prevention
  • Classification of information
  • Computer security
  • Workplace accident prevention and first aid
  • Preventing infection - blood-borne pathogens
  • Professionalism and public relations
  • Ethics, deportment and professional conduct
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Diversity awareness and sexual harassment
  • Telephone techniques
  • Handling crisis and the media
  • Dealing with angry, and disturbed persons/ strategic verbal strategies
  • Interacting with disturbed persons
  • Dealing with intoxicated individuals
  • Crowd control
  • The security officer and the legal system
  • Powers of arrest
  • The Criminal Code / Canadian Legal Authority
  • The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Use of force
  • Access control and alarm systems
  • General patrol techniques
  • Note taking and report writing
  • The rules of criminal evidence
  • Response to immediate crisis
  • Fire detection and prevention
  • Categories of fire
  • Types of extinguishers
  • HAZMAT awareness
  • Responding to bomb threats
  • Evacuations
  • Traffic control and direction concepts
  • Labor disputes
  • Interacting with others in the justice system
  • Security and police relations
  • Appearing as a witness
  • Accident scene management

Is this Course for You?

If you want to get licensed as a security guard in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta, the Canadian Academy of Guard Training - Basic Security Training Course is your source for government-accredited training.

For information on licensing in any other province, please email info@guardtraining.ca.


Each province determines who can get licensed. Learn more about licensing in these provinces:

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