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Choose the best option for you.

Did you know different provinces have different requirements for their guard training and licensing? We’ve made it easy for you to bundle all your course needs together according to where you work. Scroll down to choose between the Basic Training – Core Course, or province-specific bundles that include everything you need to get licensed.

Course only

No matter which province you’re in, you always have the option to purchase only the Basic Security Guard Training course – bundle not required. If you decide to add on your exam registration or additional courses later on, no worries – we can help you with that too.


Province-Specific Course Bundles

(for Manitoba residents)

To get licensed as security guard, provinces like Alberta and Manitoba have additional requirements beyond the Basic Security Guard Training course. Do you want to get all of your licensing requirements out of the way quickly and conveniently? We’ve created these Manitoba-specific bundle to make the process easy for you.