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Manitoba Provincial Exam Rules and Guidelines

Please review the following details carefully prior to your exam session:

  1. The online exam process allows for the recording of the exam session, including video and audio of the student and your desktop device.
  2. Please find a quiet place where you will not have any interruption and you are alone to take the exam. If another person is present during your exam, your submission will be forfeited.
  3. If you are found utilizing remote desktop-sharing applications, your submission will be forfeited.
  4. This is a CLOSED BOOK Exam - you will NOT be permitted to refer to or have any notes, open online search engines, or your course window open during the exaPlease close all tabs before you start your exam.
  5. The use of mobile devices (cell phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc.) will NOT be permitted during your exam.
  6. You are NOT permitted to use headphones or earphones during the exam.

Please note that any breach of the above conditions will result in an immediate failure, and your exam submission will be forfeited. The eProctor Canada user accounts will also be disabled.

An exam prohibition period of four months will now be issued in these instances. Student will not be permitted to re-book tests until this period has elapsed, and the Registrar of the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act has authorized the student to do so in writing.

Attempts by the student to bypass the exam prohibition, including re-booking without Registrar authorization, will result in the prohibition period being extended to six months.

If the student is attempting to license themselves using a training certificate obtained when acting in this manner, their application may be denied.

Following an initial prohibition, students with additional instances of contravening test conditions may be prevented from booking tests indefinitely.

Best of luck with your exam!