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Become a Security Guard in Saskatchewan

You must pass a provincially approved course and then the provincial exam. Once you do so, you will become a licensed security guard. Let us help!

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You must have a licence from Saskatchewan Justice to work as a security guard in the province.

A Saskatchewan security guard licence is issued to your employer for your use. It is only valid for employment with the business on your licence application. If you change jobs as a security guard, you must apply for a new licence with your new employer.

Your employer must also be licenced to engage in the business of providing security guards. *

This article will explain how to get your security guard licence in Saskatchewan.*

Saskatchewan defines a security guard as an employee whose responsibilities may include loss prevention, protection of property and employees of a client or directing traffic on private property.

There are two types of security guard licence in Saskatchewan:

  • A one-year licence for those who have completed the Security Guard Training Course, including the exam;
  • A 30-day licence to use while you complete your training program. This licence is temporary.

*Licensing for businesses and private investigators in Saskatchewan is not covered here.


Who Can Get a Security Guard Licence in Saskatchewan?

To be eligible for a Saskatchewan security guard licence you must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be eligible to work in Canada
  • Complete the training and exam requirements

If you have a criminal record or have been charged, your application for a Saskatchewan security guard licence may not be approved. The decision is up to the Registrar for Private Investigators and Security Guards.

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Applying for Your Saskatchewan Security Guard Licence

There are three types of application you can make to get a security guard licence in Saskatchewan:

  1. Apply for a temporary licence while you complete training**
  2. Apply for a one-year security guard licence for the first time (a new licence)
  3. Renew your existing one-year security guard licence

The Ministry security guard licensing fee is $25 for a new (one-year or temporary) licence and $20 for a renewal.

To apply for a new security guard licence:

  1. Take an approved Saskatchewan security guard training course
  2. Pass the provincial exam with a score of 75% or greater
  3. Apply for a Saskatchewan security guard licence

To renew a valid security guard licence, skip to step 3.

You can also skip to step 3 if you are currently enrolled in a licensed training course and want to apply for a temporary, 30-day licence before you finish training and write your exam.

** A temporary licence may be renewed one time, for another 30 days, if the Ministry Registrar approves the renewal.

1. Take the Saskatchewan Security Guard Training Program

The Canadian Academy of Guard Training course is a Ministry-approved and licensed Saskatchewan Security Guard Training Program. This 40-hour online course will fully prepare you for the Saskatchewan security guard licensing exam. It’s easy to follow and engaging with prep tests that let you gauge your own readiness for the licensing exam.

2. Pass the Saskatchewan Provincial Security Guard Exam

When you’ve finished the security guard training program, the next step is to take the exam.

You may register for the exam with your training provider. In Saskatchewan, security guard exams are taken in person at the training provider’s location and the exam is supervised by the Ministry.

You must score 75% or greater to pass the exam.

If you don’t pass, you can rewrite the exam once without repeating the approved training course. There is no limit on the number of times you may take the approved training course.

When you pass the exam, you will receive a training certificate to include in your application for a new security guard licence.

3. Apply for a Saskatchewan Security Guard Licence

In Saskatchewan, you must submit your application for a security guard licence together with your employer. The following instructions are for individuals who have an offer of employment as a security guard.

To complete your application for a Saskatchewan security guard licence:

  1. Bring identification to your local police station and request a copy of a Criminal Record check ***
  2. Together with your employer, fill out the Application for Private Investigator or Security Guard Licence (new one-year licence or renewal) or the Application for Employee’s Temporary Security Guard Licence. The application must include:

    1. two pieces of identification;
    1. a copy of your training certificate if you are applying for a new one-year license;
    2. your Criminal Record Check if you are applying for a new licence, temporary or one-year
    3. your Criminal Record Check if you are applying for a new licence, temporary or one-year;
    4. a recent photo of yourself that meets the application guidelines (photo may be emailed to pisg@gov.sk.ca).
  1. Send the complete package and a cheque payable to the Minister of Finances by mail to:

Safer Communities Enforcement Services
Private Investigators and Security Guards 
Ministry of Justice
485 Maxwell Crescent
Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 5X9

Incomplete applications will be returned and you must respond within 30 days. After 30 days you will have to reapply.

More information from Saskatchewan Justice and the application form can be found online here.

*** You must submit your application for a licence not more than 30 days from the date on the Criminal Record check. After 30 days the record check will not be valid.

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After You Are a Licensed Security Guard

When you receive your Saskatchewan security guard licence, you may work in a job where your main duties are to protect people or property.

Your licence is only valid for employment with the business listed on your application. You and your employer are responsible for renewing the security guard licence each year before the expiry date.

To maintain your licence in good standing you must adhere to the Saskatchewan Private Investigators and Security Guards Act and its regulations.


Get Help or More Information on Applying for a Saskatchewan Security Guard Licence

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