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Online / Construction Industry / Resource and Heavy Industry / Utilities Industry / Manufacturing Industry / Transportation Industry / Technical Services Industry / Health Care Industry / Hospitality Industry / Office Industry / Fall Protection

Fall Protection Online Training

Course by: MI Safety

SKU: SAF926000

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Course Description

The fall protection training course discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of using fall protection equipment with a focus on multiple industries including construction, oil and gas, telecommunication, drilling and service rigs, power generation, and industrial environments.
Topics include:
  • common workplace fall hazards
  • fall protection lanyards, retractable equipment, anchor connectors, vertical lifelines, and harnesses
  • fall protection plans
  • fall rescue planning requirements
  • fall protection legislation
  • emergency response planning
  • Chapter 1: Fall Protection Fundamentals
  • Chapter 2: Anchor Systems
  • Chapter 3: Connecting Components 
  • Chapter 4: Harnesses
  • Chapter 5: Designing a Fall Arrest System 
  • Chapter 6: Special Fall Protection Situations 
  • Chapter 7: Equipment Care, Maintenance & Inspection
  • Chapter 8: Fall Protection Planning 
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