Guard Training

Professional Security Supervisors Training Course

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Learn everything you need to know to take the next step in your security career. 

Vital Topics include:

The Supervisors Role 

Principles of Leadership 

Effective Communication 

Personnel Deployment 

Risk Management 

Supervising Crisis Situations

Your course includes 25 hours of dedicated study time. requisites include the Basic Security Guard Course offered by the Canadian Academy of Guard Training.

The course includes the following:

  1. Over 200 Dynamic Elements - 31 videos, 150 text lessons, 52 quizzes, 11 informative glossaries

Other Supervisors Course material covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Supervisor Training
  2. Leadership Principles
  3. The Supervisors Role
  4. Principles of Leadership
  5. Key Responsibilities of All Leaders
  6. Ethical Decision Making
  7. Professional Standards
  8. Ethical, Moral And Cultural Issues Supervisors Deal With
  9. Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace
  10. Canadian Human Rights Code
  11. Counseling and Sexual Harassment
  12. Supervisor Communication
  13. Delegation
  14. Communicating Effectively
  15. Factors that Impact the arena in which we receive information
  16. Dealing with Employees - Behavior and Motivation
  17. Dealing with the Difficult Employee
  18. Determining and Dealing with the various Personality Types
  19. Resolving Conflict
  20. Maximizing Personnel Deployment
  21. Supervision and Training
  22. Decision-Making in Evaluating Performance
  23. Training - the Supervisors "How To"
  24. Training Methodology
  25. The Supervisors Role in Management
  26. Time and Stress Management
  27. Introduction to Problem Solving/Decision-Making
  28. Project Supervision
  29. Designing and Building of Policy and Procedures Manual
  30. Reports, Returns and Scheduling
  31. Problem Behaviors in Notetaking and Report Writing
  32. Legal Aspects of Reports
  33. Identifying and Correcting Common Errors in Report Writing
  34. Personnel Scheduling
  35. Labor Relations -- Labor Standards/Trade Unions
  36. Customer Service and the Protection Officer
  37. Customer Service -- Guidelines to Achieving Excellence
  38. The Supervisors Role in Customer Service
  39. Uniforms and Image Enhancement
  40. Conducting Security Needs Surveys
  41. The Security Supervisor and the Law
  42. Dealing with Trespassers
  43. Types of Offenses/Powers of Arrest
  44. Common Law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  45. Security Is Role in Reducing Business Risk
  46. Risk Management
  47. Supervising Crisis Situations
  48. Fire Prevention and Safety
  49. Fire Extinguishers and Alarms
  50. W.H.M.I.S.
  51. Hazmat Awareness for Security
  52. Preventing Workplace Violence
  53. Planning Responses for Emergencies and Disasters
  54. Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management
  55. Handling Multiple Priorities
  56. Supervising Your Emergencies
  57. Supervising during Special Events

Supervising during a Strike