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Yardstick Set to Transform Security Training Industry

Canadian Academy of Guard Training launched with best-in-class technology and service.

Calgary, Alberta — Security companies, prospective and licensed security guards now have a better source for online training. Effective immediately, Canadian Academy of Guard Training (CAGT) by Yardstick is open for business. Initial offerings include professional security guard licensing, training and advanced security certifications.


The new brand comes with a prestigious pedigree. In November 2018, Yardstick acquired the assets of Law Enforcement and Security Training Academy of Canada (LESTAC), founded by the late Allan Duburgh of Winnipeg in 2007. Dryburgh was a well-known Canadian authority in security guard training and authored the foundational security guard licensing curriculum adopted across provinces.

The new CAGT brand continues the legacy of LESTAC, powered by the advanced training technology and service for which Yardstick is known.

For the past few years, Yardstick had been attracted to LESTAC due to their strong reputation, impact on security guard training and legacy of customer service. This dedication to providing the best service, with top notch course content resonated with Yardstick. 

“There was a noticeable gap in the market. LESTAC had the content and experience training security guards, but no one was providing a modern, end-to-end online training service. With CAGT, security companies and guards can count on Yardstick’s leading technology and service. The training experience is easier, more intuitive and fully supported.” - Chris LaBossiere, CEO of Yardstick


With Yardstick’s national presence and other resources, the new CAGT will have ample opportunity to grow, reach new markets and continue offering top notch service for prospective security guards across Canada.

Yardstick’s expertise in psychometrics, instructional design, graphic design, business development and software development opens up more opportunities in a large and ever-expanded industry.

Yardstick is excited to bring our identity verification and attendance tracking tool LearnerVerified.com to the industry. This tool will add increased credibility and accountability to the training offered to prospective security guards across Canada, thus decreasing the risk posed by untrained, or unqualified workers.

CAGT security guard training is government-accredited and licensed in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

CAGT is also proud to announce the launch of the Allan Dryburgh Scholarship — the only educational award that recognizes new security guards. Twelve graduates annually will be awarded the cost of their basic training tuition from CAGT, in memory of Dryburgh’s work to advance the profession.

To learn more or start training go to https://guardtraining.ca

About Yardstick

As one of Canada’s leaders in online learning and high-stakes assessment, Yardstick draws on the latest developments in computer and web technology to deliver rigorous and creative online testing and training. Yardstick experts partner with subject matter experts, employers, and industry regulators to train, certify and verify today’s workforce. Yardstick has won numerous awards for business growth and entrepreneurship, and was recently named one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures. getyardstick.com

About Lestac

The Law Enforcement Security Training Academy of Canada (LESTAC) originally started as an in class training school but saw an opportunity to provide an online service to corporations and individuals alike. LESTAC is considered one of the early adopters of utilizing Online Training. Lestac was founded by the late Allan Dryburgh of Winnipeg in 2007. Dryburgh was a well-known Canadian authority in security guard training and authored the foundational security guard licensing curriculum adopted across provinces.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Ron Mycholuk, Sector Leader for Canadian Academy of Guard Training

Ph: 780-340-5619
Email: ron.mycholuk@getyardstick.com